Strategizing With Email

A contracting market and inclement weather threatened to keep this mid-market client from achieving their monthly sales goal. Broadcast and digital spending was already locked in and optimized, so how do we achieve the needed booster to get over the finish line without adding an additional budget? Our account service’s weekly client discussion yielded this insight: since our monthly email newsletter was getting great open and click-through rates, why not employ a time-tested direct mail play through this medium? Within 48 hours, a 'House Deal’ direct email, produced by BMG, found its way into the inbox of everyone on the dealership’s mailing list.

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Fortified with a compelling subject line and ‘straight-to-the-point’ copy, this effort achieved

an 8% open rate. More importantly, it got 116 inquiries, resulting in 42 appointments and ultimately 22 additional vehicle sales.

The result? Sales goal met... bonus paid... GM happy. Just another day at BMG.


Simplifying Our Client’s Process

One of the toughest jobs in marketing is to determine return on investment, as well as knowing how to direct its budget and effort for maximum impact. GMs are faced with this truth daily. One area in particular is dealing with the third-party ad vendors, the source of most customer search traffic. When our Mid-Atlantic client was buried in data-laden third-party advertisers reports, BMG’s account team gathered all the information and crafted a custom monthly ‘at-a-glance’ report, complete with an analysis and action recommendations.

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Through this effort, it was determined that qualified leads
 were being lost through an inefficient process in the dealership’s business development center. BMG addressed this by dispatching another BMG account service resource who had extensive experience in developing and implementing workflow.


Using Our Resources To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

BMG’s on-going marketing and operational consulting helped a long-time dealership client achieve the number one position in their major metro area. So, when heat from other local dealerships challenged their market position, it was not to be taken lightly.

Instead of adopting a defensive strategy, BMG helped them approach their competition from the offense with local celebrities to feature in video spots. While notable spokespeople are nothing new, BMG knew that the spots must engage the audience and delivered the brand message in a memorable way.

Along with the GM and GSM, account service identified popular,
 local celebrities and athletes that were easily recognizable.
 BMG creative, working closely with the client, ideated, developed, 
and produced a series of spots that garnered immediate attention.
 An entire inventory of ad elements were produced for broadcast,
 digital, and social.

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“The only thing tougher than getting to the top is staying there.”

Not only did the work activate customers' response, it energized the internal staff as they were continually told by friends and family that they saw and liked the ads. An unprecedented string of year-over-year sales wins followed as the dealership’s closest competitors were left in the dust.

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