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There was a time when a full showroom buzzing with sales staff doing ‘walk-arounds’ with ‘lookie-loos’ would put a smile on any GM’s face. Most dealer principals now know that a full appointment schedule is better. We know how to get it full. We’re BMG.

With over 50 years in the marketing biz, the last 28 of them exclusively representing car dealerships, we know how the automotive retail business works—more importantly, how it has changed.

We answer today's challenges with marketing strategies promoting customer-driven, hybrid digital/IRL experiences, achieving record sales months for our clients. The challenge now is how to make your business thrive when inventory is hard to get. It shouldn’t surprise you that we have answers for that, too.

Want to learn how? Click here. Or better yet, call our president Jack Borgmeyer direct at 636-578-6621.

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"Before BMG, our marketing was disjointed and ineffective. Now, every month I get updates on how it performed and recommendations on how to make it work better. As a result, we are up in leads and closing ratios."
Karen Allison – Breeden Dodge

Real Results

Looking to improve accountability and performance among third party advertising providers, this Mid-Atlantic FCA dealer needed a tailored solution that would allow them to not only better understand where ad dollars were going, but one that would also allow them to maximize the ROI on these third party spends.

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